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The majority of products sold at ZIP&LINK Computer PTY LTD if found defective need to be returned to base, please contact us if you are uncertain of this procedure before retuning your goods. If the products you have purchased are covered by a local manufacturers warranty you will have to contact them and arrange the necessary return particulars. We also recommend checking your warranty registration cards for terms and conditions; in most cases they should have the appropriate numbers and details for your return.

Limited Warranty

ZIP&LINK COMPUTER PTY LTD provide a 1 year return to base limited warranty that applies to the date of purchase on your tax invoice. The limited warranty applies to new computer parts and systems only. ZIP&LINK COMPUTER PTY LTD 7 day replacement policy is only applicable to faulty computer parts and does not include computer systems or consumable goods i.e. printers,scanner, monitor. It is the responsibility of the consumer to ensure the correct goods are ordered. All goods sold are non refundable after 7 days of the invoice. Restocking charges of 15% apply to goods returned within 7 days of the invoice date. Warranty period is from the original purchase date and is not extendable if the product is repaired or has been replaced.

In regards to storage media i.e. hard disk drive, usb memory drive, camera media storage card, cd disc/dvd disc, Fdd disk. ZIP&LINK COMPUTER PTY LTD is not responsible to backup and/or restore data from such media should the media be faulty or not. Customer shall be responsible for saving or backing up data contained in any product returned to ZIP&LINK COMPUTER PTY LTD for in-warranty or out-of-warranty repairs or service. ZIP&LINK COMPUTER PTY LTD shall have no responsibility for such data and shall have no liability arising out of any damage to or loss of such data while the product is in ZIP&LINK COMPUTER PTY LTD's possession.

Extent of Limited Warranty

ZIP&LINK COMPUTER PTY LTD is not responsible for any software conflicts caused by hardware purchased from ZIP&LINK COMPUTER PTY LTD. The warranty covers only those defects which arise as a result of normal use and does not apply to:

Improper or inadequate maintenance
Interfacing not supplied by ZIP&LINK COMPUTER PTY LTD
Unauthorized modification or misuse
Operation outside the products environment specifications
Improper site preparation or maintenance

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